Sprucing Up Your Smile

As we reach the backside of summer it is time to starting think of fall clean up.

A denture cleaning is just as important as your regular dental cleanings were, book an appointment with your Denturist to spruce up that smile and have your annual denture check-up.


Annual Denture Checkup Time

Your dentures and the tissues in your mouth should be checked annually. Damage to the tissues can take place without you being aware.
Early detection and elimination of tissue inflammation is important to minimize shrinkage of the supporting bone and tissue.
By keeping your tissues healthy, your dentures will continue to fit properly. Your denturist will also check your dentures for looseness, stains and tartar (calculus) deposits and the bite.
By having your denturist check on your oral condition, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a well-fitting quality denture.

The New Science in Making Dentures

The two-implant overdenture for the lower jaw is a far simpler and equally effective solution. In fact, in the original Toronto Study (when the treatment was introduced to North America), the complaints of many patients seeking implant treatment were solved during the initial healing phase as their lower denture — fitted or relined over the implants — provided them with an increase in retention, stability and comfort.

Studies over the past decade have continued to demonstrate the enormous benefits of lower jaw overdenture treatment. Results have led to the development of what is called the McGill Consensus Statement on Overdentures (May 2002) which states “As a minimal treatment objective: the mandibular (lower jaw) two-implant overdenture (as opposed to a conventional denture) should be considered as a first choice standard of care for the edentulous patient.”

In short placing implants under you lower denture could be the most important decision a patient could make, to ensure a comfortable, useful Set of dentures

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